digital forensic training

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an Innovate UK KTP grant worth £224,662 to develop a digital safety training platform in partnership with University of East London’s Department of Computer Science and Digital Technologies in the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering. 

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grant is competitive funding awarded by Innovate UK to bring new skills and the latest academic thinking into a business or a charity partner to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project.

When looking to obtain expertise through Innovate UK KTP, the University of East London was the perfect partner for this project, as its academic experts can design and create Adversarial Simulation approach that accurately simulate real-world attacks for optimal learning experiences. Without proper knowledge of past and current threat landscapes and attack techniques, it can be challenging to create realistic scenarios that provide effective training. Additionally, Digital Safety needs to understand how to use Adversarial Simulation to react to learner needs through appropriate interventions, including investigating, managing, organising, processing, and analysing complex data.

Dr Ameer Al-Nemrat, Reader in Cyber Security at UEL is the KTP supervisor and will be collaborating with Digital Safety to train a graduate associate in digital technology to develop a Cyber Range platform based on Adversarial Simulation environment. The platform will be used to train learners to make better evidence-based decisions to prevent them from cyber-attacks such as scams, phishing, among others.

Professor Mansour Moniri, Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange at UEL, welcomed the award with excitement. He said “This Knowledge Transfer Partnership project provides a unique opportunity to highlight the ingenuity and capabilities of our academic staff through designing an innovative cybersecurity platform”

The innovative platform will be able to offer a controlled environment to test and evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation’s cybersecurity defence. By simulating real-world attacks, the company will be able to understand the unique requirements of their customers and adapt the skills to react appropriately. The Cyber Range Platform will also offer insights into learner and sector-based trends, enabling Digital Safety to develop tailored training services that meet the changing jobseeker and employer needs. Digital Safety’s objective is to become a market leader in tailored cyber security vocational training and gain technological advantages.

Dr Ameer Al-Nemrat, is looking forward to working together with Digital Safety for the next 25 months to achieve their goals. He said, “we’ve won the opportunity to create an advanced cyber range platform. We’ll address challenges, come up with new ideas, and work hard to make this project a success.”

Barbara Spooner MBE, CEO of Digital Safety Community Interest Company says ‘’We are thrilled to be working with UEL to establish a state-of-the-art Cyber Range Platform where we can test, train, and educate on cyber-attacks and digital safety in a secure environment. We will ensure all our stakeholders are engaged and informed throughout the journey.’’

Digital Safety CIC is a social enterprise offering advice and support to companies and individuals to prevent digital harms. Our services encompass capability building, consultancy, and research & development, catering to clients from both the private and public sectors, including law enforcement and government agencies in the UK and abroad.

We look forward to updating our community as the project moves on.