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Training and Advice

The DSC Academy mission, through training and continuous professional development, is to educate organisations, third sector and vulnerable members of the community in how to keep safe in the digital world. In addition, the academy provides professional development opportunities for a range of law enforcement agencies, wider public sector and save-life social enterprises by providing state of the art training, exposure to new ideas and new ways of understanding. 

We firmly believe that a holistic approach is essential and by embracing diversity from all sectors of the community conditions for social change and adaptive learning can be successful, especially in the fusion of the traditional and digital world.

With a specialism for digital and physical forensic science investigative methodology, our diverse and wide reaching law enforcement subject matter expertise ensures we offer training a wide range of policing, leadership and investigative areas. Our staff are qualified trainers and therefore clients are assured of the highest quality training, whether supporting vulnerable members of the community, organisations with security concerns, or professional investigators.  

Please review our portfolio of training products and contact us if you wish to discuss how we might assist in satisfying your training needs.

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