Chip Off – Digital Forensic Technology

The DS-CIC are delighted to announce that we have recently partnered with the School of Architecture, Computing and Digital Forensics at the University of East London to successfully deliver an advanced data extraction and recovery forensics ‘Chip Off’ training course to a group of international law enforcement delegates from an overseas unit.

‘Chip Off’ is the advanced digital forensics method of extracting data by physically taking the flash memory chip from a mobile device via an intricate examination process involving the removal of the flash memory chip so that the raw data can be extracted via an external reader.

When a device has been damaged and is totally non functional the only way to extract the data is by using these invasive digital forensics techniques which require specialist microscopic digital precision engineering and skills.

The acquisition, integrity and analysis of data is a key part of any criminal investigation and the justice process.

A consistent and transparent approach to the examination and extraction of data from digital devices is always required.  Each step of this needs to be carefully recorded and documented so that the rights of an individual are protected by ensuring that independent investigations are carried out to prove or disprove whether criminal offence have been committed and to protect the rights of an individual to ensure that they receive a fair trial.