Innovation is a must have for any organisation to move forward

The 21st Century is characterised by profound technological change that continues to affect global systems and local communities alike, technology can create and redefine problems as well as mitigate them. This will continue through further complex developments, mega trends and cultural changes that will disrupt the security environment. This means that there is a premium upon research and development of technological change, its leadership, and the development of strategic responses to the new pressures that exert themselves in societies.

Digital Safety has made key investments in new thinking around these issues and has developed an international network of experts and academics that aims at providing insight on issues from leadership through strategy to capabilities. Currently, society and some institutions can find both innovation and adaptation challenging. One of our responses is to take an adaptive systems perspective -collaborating with social, organisational and technological partners so we can engage in purposeful research and development, to address some of these global issues.

Our training and development activities are underpinned by our Academic Institute which has key research relationships with academics and institutions specialising in work on policing, safety and security. Our academic partners include:

  • Loughborough University
  • Northumbria University
  • International Police Science Association (IPSA)
  • University of East London

Training in the use of – Chip Off: Digital Forensic Technology

Chip Off: Digital Forensic Technology