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Lily's Blog - Reveal

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

In this latest blog our Digital Guardian, Lily Edwards provides some more good advice, hints and tips to help people make smarter and safer choices when using the internet. On this occasion she picks out the R – REVEAL from her mnemonic RESPECT, outlining the dangers of sharing sexual messages, naked or semi naked images, video or text messaging with another person.

Hello Cyber Gang. It's Lily your Digital Guardian.

Today I am going to talk to you about Reveal!

The extreme dangers it poses to you both now and in later life. Well straight to it. I am going to explain why you should not take your clothes off or wear skimpy clothes when talking on a web cam especially if it’s your boy or girlfriend!

Firstly, if they ask you to reveal any part of your body tell them to be sensible and to show you some RESPECT!

Fact! The internet and web cams are not secure!

Fact! Once you have revealed yourself online it is always out there in digital land forever!

Fact! Horrible people are out there and pretend to be someone else when speaking over social media, they lie about their appearance, age and sometimes gender. Do you know who you are really talking to?

Here are some simple ideas to stay safer gang!

  • Only talk to people you know personally.

  • Don’t share REVEALING pictures or videos of yourself with anyone! I mean anyone!!!! If someone asks you to reveal - report them to your family or a teacher even your friend.

  • Become social media aware. If it doesn't feel quite right, it isn’t - end the chat!

Stay safe and see you all again soon!

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