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Lily's Blog - Phishing

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Our Digital Guardian Lily is back with some essential tips on protecting yourself from Phishing attacks. Phishing attacks have increased greatly since COVID-19 and the rise of remote working, so Lily is here to help!

Hi Gang it's Lily your digital guardian. This week's topic is about Phishing and I am going to call it Fishing to simplify things as it's one and the same thing.

Fishing is a way criminals attempt to get hold of your personal information including access to our bank accounts! We wouldn’t want that would we gang!

They mostly send emails or texts which look like they come from a genuine person or organisation, but they are probably a criminal fishing for your personal information and passwords!

Here are a few cyber tips on how to protect yourself:

If you receive an email you do not recognise or was not expecting do not open it! Ask your parents or schoolteacher to check it first. It may contain a virus which will attack your computer.

Do not give out your Name, Password, Secret Word if asked by anyone ! Real companies like your bank will never send you an email or text requesting this information. It’s more likely a criminal fishing for your personal information and even your money!

Remember don’t take the bait gang and stay safe!

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