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Lily's Blog - Cyberbullying and Trolls

In light of the recent abuse targeted at our 3 lions, Lily, our digital guardian is here today to tell you how to handle cyberbullying and trolls. #KickItOut

Hi gang it’s Lily, your digital guardian. Today I am going to talk to you about Cyber Bullies or Trolls who use the internet and social media to get at us!

They are a group of small minded people who try to get a reaction by posting nasty comments or directing an abusive message directly to a person.

They are cyberbullying, they are weak! They hide behind a computer or phone to try to hurt us! And I want to help you to stop them in their tracks.

The best things we can do gang are;

Ignore! If we respond they get enjoyment, if we simply say nothing they have lost!

Save! If the content is offensive or hurtful, screenshot the message and save it.

Tell! Make sure you report the bullies to your parents or teacher and show them the message.

Block! Block the author or person from social media. They cannot cause offense anymore because you simply wont read it.

Delete! Once you have shown your teachers or parents the horrible messages or posts, delete them.

Gang if you follow my advice, you will have stood up to the trolls! They have lost and you have won!

If I can do it then you can too!

Bye for now


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