Lily's Blog - Christmas Scams

Our Digital Guardian Lily is back with some essential tips on protecting yourself from Christmas Scams. With Christmas approaching these types of scam will be on the rise, so Lily is here to help!

Hi, gang its Lily your Digital Safety Guardian, here are some festive tips on how to keep your money and personal details safe this Christmas.

As the festive time of year approaches the criminals are working hard to fill their Christmas stockings with your hard-earned cash.

So let’s focus this week on Online Shopping.

Top Tip No 1. Don’t get greedy and fall fowl of what appears to be an absolute bargain! If it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true! Ask yourself why they are selling the item for £10 and everyone else is selling for £20.! Don’t be fooled and take it from me you never get something for nothing!

Top Tip No 2. Look carefully at the website and web address, many fraudsters make their web pages look like the real thing. Check for errors and spelling mistakes. If in doubt simply do not buy it and shop elsewhere.

That’s it for now gang I will be back next week with more tips on how to protect your money this Christmas.

Stay safe everyone!

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