Digital Safety CIC and RAY Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Security Training Initiatives.

RAY and Digital Safety logos

Digital Safety CIC and RAY, a renowned training centre in the Gulf, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to deliver security training programs.

This collaboration brings together the strengths and expertise of both organisations to deliver comprehensive and innovative training across Strategic, Operational and Tactical Leadership courses as well as being at the forefront of OSINT, HUMINT and Digital Capabilities tailored to the partners of RAY.

Digital Safety CIC and sister company Lambton Security Institute, have had a strong first 6 months of 2024 with training seminars led by industry experts, providing hands-on learning experiences and real-world insights into current security challenges and solutions. We look forward to expanding our networks to reach a broader audience through RAY across the Middle East and North Africa.

If you would like to download our training brochure, visit our training centre website here. Or contact us on [email protected] for a confidential conversation.