Digital Safety CIC Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification: Elevating Our Commitment to Cybersecurity

Cyber Essentials Plus
We are excited to announce that Digital Safety CIC has achieved the prestigious Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This is a significant milestone that underscores our commitment to providing the highest level of cybersecurity to our clients and communities.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a rigorous cybersecurity certification that goes beyond basic standards to ensure that organisations have robust measures in place to protect against cyber threats. It involves a comprehensive evaluation, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, to verify that critical security controls are effectively implemented.

Achieving this certification demonstrates that Digital Safety CIC has not only met but exceeded the industry standards for cybersecurity, ensuring that our systems are safeguarded against common cyber threats.

For our corporate and public sector clients, this certification means you can trust that our training programs are backed by a company that practices what it preaches. We have fortified our own systems to the highest standards, and we bring that same level of expertise to our cybersecurity training offerings.

For our community networks, it reinforces our dedication to making cyber safety accessible and reliable. Whether you’re attending our workshops or participating in our online webinars, you can be assured that the knowledge we impart is grounded in robust, real-world cybersecurity practices.

At Digital Safety CIC, our mission is to empower organisations and communities to navigate the digital world safely and confidently. Thank you for being part of our community and for trusting Digital Safety CIC, together, we can build a safer digital world for everyone.
Stay safe and secure, The Digital Safety CIC Team