Digital Safety and Inclusive Change at Work create strategic partnership.

Inclusive Change at Work CIC and the Digital Safety CIC, two social enterprises committed to fostering positive change are proud to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership.  By coming together our aim will be to leverage our collective knowledge, skills, and resources to create a more inclusive and digitally secure environment.   

We will collectively re-invest for public good by carrying out activities to promote digital safety, reduce harm, and increase the digital resilience and safeguarding of our young people and the digitally vulnerable within our communities and workplaces. 

The first joint project that we will be working together on is The Castle Conference in Bristol on 25th April 2024. This is the second Digital Wellbeing and Young People Conference which brings together a host of health professionals, academics, law enforcement, community enterprises and educators to combine forces to tackle the threats and risks of the digital world for young people and those who support them.  

Further details of this conference can be found at

Details of the first Digital Wellbeing Conference at Lambton Castle, County Durham can be found here. The partnership will also deliver new and innovative training including digital safeguarding and training, neurodiversity, gaming and digital wellbeing, mental health, neurodiversity, and digital wellbeing in the workplace.  

Andy Jarman – Director of Digital Safety says “By combining ICAW CIC and DS CIC resources and expertise we will be able to enhance our resilience and reach, supporting vulnerable people keep themselves safe and secure online.  The DS-CIC is committed to helping people understand and balance both the benefits and increased risk that the fast-paced digital world and the ever-changing information technology and infrastructure now brings.  We are excited and very much look forward to us exploring the advantages and great opportunities that this partnership will no doubt bring.”  

Watch this space, there are many more exciting projects and events planned for 2024/25.   This partnership will not only link the North and the Southwest of England, but it will also enable growth and help increase our reach and delivery throughout the whole of the UK.