The DSC Academy provides opportunities through training and continuous professional development, to educate people, organisations and communities on how to keep safe in the digital world. In addition, the academy provides professional development opportunities for a range of law enforcement agencies, wider public sector and save-life social enterprises by providing state of the art training and exposure to new ideas.

Our approach will always be people first and human-centred, primarily focused on the physical and social environments, not just the technology.


Our Mission

“Our mission is to help make the UK the safest place to live and work online. Empowering people through leadership, knowledge sharing and promotion of digital citizenship. As a result of this I believe businesses and our communities will live more safely on and off line every day”


Everyday use of technology is now an integral to work and play. Our mission is to play a part in defending and supporting individuals, communities, and businesses on and offline. We will do this by becoming an advisory Network of Networks. We will support those who care for the most vulnerable people in our societies, those who suffer abuse or are adversely impacted by their experience online.Through good cyber citizenship we will provide tools, training and capability building. We will work and collaborate with partners, government and academia to help people understand the digital space, ensuring the advice we provide them is cutting edge, ethical and well researched.