Case Study

Organisation Security Assessment

The DS-CIC were commissioned to conduct a high level ‘As Is’ baselined assessment and security review within a large corporate organisation.

The aims and objectives of this, being to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the management of their data.
  • Help encourage and develop a sustainable security culture across all parts of the business.
  • Develop and adopt achievable pathways towards continuous professionalism and development, by identifying the gap in skills, knowledge and the experience required to carry out core security functions and processes.

Security and protective measures are important to ensure that an organisations security ecosystem remains responsive to changing attitudes and keeps up to date with the fast-moving technological developments.

A good understanding of the measures needed to mitigate and protect an organisations security posture should be an important part of their C- suites business strategy and at the core of its service delivery to protect its, people, information security, assurance, environment, and the physical infrastructure of their systems.

Following a successful conclusion of the review an evidence-based report was delivered which has since been used to identify and, where applicable, develop the ongoing management of security related best practice, consistency of quality and the development of a secure and robust security posture in support of the organisation’s initiatives and future development of digital strategies and frameworks.

This review has subsequently proved invaluable to the business by commercialising the value of their data and helping them to steer the business towards a more proactive rather than reactive approach for safer and more flexible cyber secure business planning.

It has also assisted them to embed security best practice and assurance, to protect their commercial information, personal data, research, and protect their development capabilities from insider threat and to strengthen the protection of patented products and intellectual property.