The Castle Conference

Join us for a groundbreaking event bringing together a network of professionals dedicated to promoting digital wellbeing for young people in our community. Tackling difficult topics & talking about challenges you experience – from digital safeguarding to suicide prevention.

We can’t solve these challenges alone, Digital Safety CIC, a North East based social enterprise, are hosting a conference which will open up conversations with a desire to shape the future for young people through policy change and creating a stronger network to support you in your role within online safety & digital wellbeing.

Supported by Durham Police, If U Care Share and Kooth, the Castle Conference is going to be the first of its kind in the area and is the concept of Barbara Spooner MBE, CEO of Digital Safety CIC. Barbara and her team aim to bring together professionals and experts to tackle the challenges of keeping young people safe in a digital world.

The event will include speakers who are experts in the world of digital safety, education and mental health. There will be opportunities to get involved in workshops and networking and meet with groups and organisations who support professionals and young people.

The event is aimed at professionals and organisations who work with young people in the North East. Digital Safety CIC want to create a network of networks in the area who are committed and passionate to creating change around mental health for young people linked to gaming, social media and online threats – be that from practical on the ground solutions to influencing policy change.

This is a great chance to get involved and help shape the future of online safety for young people in our community.


The DS-CIC is committed to supporting community centres and groups to protect digitally vulnerable residents though education. We can provide materials and training to help support community leaders distribute this knowledge.
Digital platforms have now become the new norm for many everyday activities and although this has enhanced access for many, for others less fortunate it has created even greater isolation and risk.

The use of disparate, often insecure personal devices and the rapid enforced shift to this new way of completing everyday tasks has exponentially increased cyber criminality, harm, neglect, and abuse from grooming and online scams. We can help with knowledge and materials to reduce the risk of the digitally vulnerable in our communities.

If you have a community group join the conversation and utilise our expert’s knowledge and experience by contacting us: