Nurturing Digital Wellbeing: Unveiling the Impact of a Connected Generation 

Remember the days when summer meant endless hours of outdoor play? Are today's children missing out on vital developmental experiences due to their digital lifestyles? In this exploration of modern leisure and its effects on brain development, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Peter Kawalek, Professor of Information Management at Loughborough University and Digital Safety Associate who sheds light on the challenges faced by an increasingly connected generation. 


Our MD’s Journey to Digital Safety

We are committed to enhancing online safety and mitigating harm for users, and our Managing Director Barbara Spooner MBE is leading the company to drive forward its mission. In this week's insights we look at the journey that led her to Digital Safety.


X – Brilliant or a brash move?

Can you really change the name of a household brand? Or will Twitter, always be, Twitter?  Last week at Digital Safety we have been watching changes happening in Twitter, new logos’s the end of the blue tick and even the blue bird. It got us talking in the office about social media platforms and online safety.   Our head of marketing, Sarah Scorer has a few thoughts about the change at X, the app formally known as Twitter.  


What does the BBC Presenter scandal tell us about Digital Safety?

Have you been sucked into – sorry, watching and reading the news about a well known BBC presenter and a young person?   Let’s be honest, many of us will have been clicking and reading news and some of us will have jumped into our favourite social media platforms to find out what the latest rumour is on who it could be. We are not going to speculate on that here but what we would like to discuss is what the fallout of the news can teach us about digital wellbeing.   At Digital Safety CIC we have been watching the news with interest but we have also been discussing what has been going on behind the scenes. You see there is much more to this than just headlines, there are significant consequences and impacts from the events. 


My teenager gave up their smartphone

What would you say if your 14 year old came to you and asked you to take away their smart phone and replace it with an old fashioned “brick phone”.   Don’t be ridiculous, that would never happen, surely not.   But it did. When my now 17 year old came to me a few years ago and asked exactly that. They no longer felt safe with a smart phone and wanted to reduce the impact in their life.   So what would you do?  

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