Strategic Leadership Modules

Strategic Leadership Modules – Increase your personal strategic and conceptual leadership skills.

These modules designed for specially selected officers who have displayed leadership and management qualities at Operational and Tactical Levels and have the potential to become Senior Managers / Supervisors / Gold Commanders.


Strategic Leadership Module


The Strategic Leadership Module equips learners with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the role of Senior Leader or Manager.

Learners will examine and explore core skills and abilities of a Gold Commander or Senior Leader. The course will cover key areas of leadership to include Decision Making and Communication Skills appropriate to level. Managing the Organisation, People and Resources are all explored along with practical skills in Safety and Wellbeing, Risk Management, Research Methods, Human Rights and Ethics. Training is also provided in Investigation Skills – Major and Complex providing a well-rounded Senior level training in Strategic Leadership.

Transformational Change


Transforming the security sector, through organisational change – including performance management, culture, and communications.

This course explores the role of the strategic leader in delivering change within the organisation and wider system. The course will taker the delegates into the theories of complexity and the capability stack model as foundations for change. The delegates will explore the ‘how’ of change and be introduced to the performance, cultural and communications frameworks upon which any successful change programme relies upon for success.

Developing Digital Capabilities


A strategic approach, including using data to transform investigations, intelligence and evidence.

This course aims to provide a framework for strategic leaders to develop and mature investigative digital capabilities regardless of their organisation and jurisdiction. All material will be provided by experienced strategic security leaders and practitioners who have operated at national and international levels, supported by specialist academics.

Introducing Strategic Command and Control


Multiagency Operations and partnerships for community safety, public protection, and major events

This course aims to introduce strategic leaders to the concept of multi-agency working and the models used to ensure interoperability between emergency services functions to full effect in terms of community safety, public protection, and major events.

Strategic Leadership & Change Management Feedback

“The course has a strategic prospective, which the situation requires. We appreciate the strategic prospective which will be bring benefit to the organisation in general.”

“The course in general is excellent and the instructors were very high professionals and with high practical and scientific quality”