Operational Leadership Modules

The aim of this entry level is Operational Leadership Module is to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the role of First Line or Initial Manager. This module is designed for specially selected officers who have displayed leadership and management qualities and have the potential to become First Line Managers / Supervisors.


Operational Leadership Module


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Identify and critically analyse a range of challenges within their role and explore ways to overcome these.

Learners will examine and explore core skills and abilities of an Operational Leader. The course will cover key areas of leadership to include Decision Making and Communication Skills appropriate to level. Managing People, Risks and Resources are all explored along with practical skills in Safety and Wellbeing, Research Methods, Human Rights and Ethics.

As an outcome of this course, delegates will be equipped with tools be able to make effective decisions when managing an ongoing critical incident and evaluate decision rationale as Tactical Command. Develop and implement an exit strategy to close a critical incident.

Security Sector Operational Leadership


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This two week course introduces less experienced leaders to the concepts of leading, managing and building teams. The first week of the course deals with people issues such as dealing with conflict in the workplace, the management and development of staff and team performance. The second week is more operationally focussed allowing the delegate to explore operational decision making, managing and mitigating risk and briefing. The course will equip the younger leader with tools upon which to develop their own leadership skills and to progress accordingly.

Introducing operational resources and operations management within the digital environment


This course will provide operational leaders with an insight to the operational resource available to them and will provide a broad set of tools and knowledge to become effective operational security sector leaders of digital capabilities.