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About Us

Digital Safety CIC: Who we are and what we do

We bring together a team of subject matter specialists, experts and academics who collectively share decades of operational and technical experience from within digital safety and the security sector.

Our mission is to promote ‘Digital Safety for All’ by:

  1. Supporting people, organisations and communities to increase their digital capability skills to become smarter and safer through education, sponsorship and thought leadership.

  2. Advancing digital safety and innovation through cutting edge thought leadership, and professional development by facilitating relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures within public sector, third sector, academia and industry bodies.

  3. Strengthening and sharing digital expertise, capabilities, hints, tips, and excellent practice.

  4. Being inclusive of those who are at risk of digital harm or lack the basic skills needed to maintain their own online security.

Digital Safety is not just about what we do online. It’s about how we interact with the technology that helps us to connect, drives what we learn and harvests our data to analyse and nudge our behaviour.

It’s also about using the opportunities that technology offers to be safer in our everyday lives. Helping people understand how disinformation in the digital world impacts on everyday life, developing ‘digital shields’ that safeguards those experiencing abuse, or an App that alerts people when they are in danger.

To be safe in a digital world we believe that there is a need to understand people and their behaviours as well as understanding the digital space and its ever changing fast paced information technology and infrastructure.

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