A Partnership for a Safer Digital Future.

BornGood logo

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with BornGood, a company that repurposes technology, challenging the disposable attitude towards single-life tech and giving it a new lease of life in a greener, safer, and more rewarding way.

Together, we will be developing mutually beneficial academic research, training activities, capability builds, consultancy, and networking to inform the use of repurposed and recycled technical equipment underpinned by a unique Digital Wellbeing Safer Spaces framework developed to manage the digital risk to the recipient of the equipment to help create a safer digital environment for the benefit of the wider community and commerce.

We believe that this partnership will make BornGood‘s refurbished product even safer, providing their clients with key insights into how they can protect their technology and safeguard their communities.

We look forward to working closely with BornGood, complementing their ethos of making a difference to people, planet, and profit.